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Who Exhibits?

Will it be you or your competition?

Hot LeathersOur long time vendors know the value the Springfield Motorcycle Show and its extensive advertising and marketing campaign.  This this is the show that brings in the big crowds.

If you offer anything to people in the motorcycle world, this show brings your target market to you.  They come from throughout New England to see the latest and greatest that the new riding season brings.  All you have to do is be prepared, deliver your marketing message, and sell!

Eager for Spring, these motorcycle enthusiasts are looking for all the new gear from bikes and clothing, to parts and paint jobs.

From entrenched bikers to new riders, here are some of the many things they look for while attending our show:

  • Motorcycle Manufacturers
  • Custom Bike Builders
  • Motorcycle Parts Dealers
  • Tool and Fabrication Distributors
  • Clothing and Rider Accessory Vendors
  • Service Providers
  • Motorcycle Industry Related Clubs and Associations

If you have something for the avid motorcyclist, this show is the vehicle that will drive you to greater success.  Take advantage of our unique opportunity,  If you don’t, you know your competition will.

Stay out in front and Exhibit at the Springfield Motorcycle Show.


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