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2011 Bike Competition Winners

Here are the results of the 2011 Springfield Motorcycle Show Bike Competition!
It was a fantastic competition year with so many strong entries. 

BEST OF SHOW - Judges’ Choice


1st Place:  Kevin Berry

2011 Springfield Motorcycle Show 1st Place - Judges' Choice - Kevin Berry

2nd Place:  Paul Jaeger

2011 Springfield Motorcycle Show 2nd Place Judges' Choice - Paul Jaeger

3rd Place:  Joe Muro

2011 Springfield Motorcycle Show 3rd Place Judges' Choice - Joe Muro


BEST OF SHOW - Public Choice


1st Place:  Corso Cycles

2011 Springfield Motorcycle Show 1st Place Peoples Choice - Corso Cycles

2nd Place:  Joe Fryer

2011 Springfield Motorcycle Show 2nd Place Peoples Choice -Joe Fryer

3rd Place:  Paul Jaeger

2011 Springfield Motorcycle Show 3rd Place Peoples Choice - Paul Jaeger



Chopper Old School:  Larry Fredella

2011 Chopper Old School Winner - Larry Fredella

Custom Manufacture:  Marcos Ramirez


Street Sport:  Kevin Berry

2011 Street Sport Winner - Kevin Berry

Pro Street Special Construction:  Joe Muro

2011 Pro Street Special Construction Winner - Joe Muro

Vintage-pre ‘85:  Don Scott

2011 Vintage Winner - Don Scott

Trike:  Larry Cahill

2011 Trike Winner - Larry Cahill - Trophy accepted by Dinah DeVille

Modern Custom:  Dick Cartier

2011 Modern Custom Winner - Dick Cartier

Street Cruiser:  Lawrence Marks

2011 Street Cruiser Winner - Lawrence Marks

Bobber:  Paul Jaeger

2011 Bobber Winner Paul Jaeger

Sportster:  Break Lites

2011 Sportster Winner Break Lites

Radical Show:  Gary Lambert

2011 Radical Show Winner Gary Lambert

Most Unique:  Richard Provencal

2011 Most Unique Winner - Richard Provencal

Dresser:  Corso Cycles

2011 Dresser Winner - Corso Cycles

Metric:  Rich O’Conner

2011 Metric Winner Rich O'Conner



Best Display:  Dick Cartier

2011 Best Display Winner - Dick Cartier

Best Chrome:  Joe Muro

2011 Best Chrome Winner Joe Muro

Best Upholstery:  Larry Fredella

2011 Best Upholstery Winner - Larry Fredella

Best Paint:  Corso Cycles

2011 Best Paint Winner - Corso Cycles

Oldest Motorcycle:  Joe Fryer

2011 Oldest Motorcycle Winner Joe Fryer


We’d like to thank all of our many Sponsors that helped make our show possible.

Special Thanks go out to our Trophy Sponsor: The John Haymond Law Firm for providing all of the trophies for the Bike Competition and Dexpert Photography for not only doing all of the show photography, but also shooting our line-up of Bike Competition winners!

Bike Competition Sponsor


Photography Sponsor - Dexpert Photography


Congratulations to all the winners and we’ll see you in next year’s show.


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