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Paul Teutul Jr.

Paul Teutul Jr.

Come meet the owner of Paul Jr. Designs, the one and only, Paul Teutul Jr! 

That’s right, Paul Jr. is coming to this year’s Springfield Motorcycle Show and we are so excited to have him with us.  This legendary builder has done it all. 

A hit television series called, 'American Chopper' which was shown on the Discovery Channel, got the ball rolling and in no time at all, Paul Jr. and the whole Teutul family became household names.  This reality TV series was extremely popular and brought the exciting world of custom motorcycle building to the masses.  Audiences from across the country were amazed by the spectacular designs that came from the mind of Paul Jr. as he worked along side his father Paul Sr. at Orange County Choppers.  From an idea and a frame at the start of a show to a fully functional work of art, you got to see it all.  So many amazing bikes were built during the series. 

One of those bikes will actually be at the show.  “The Black Widow” 
Come down to the show and see the bike that started it all!

black widow bike


Paul Junior’s creativity kept the viewing public on the edge of their seats as every episode aired.  More and more incredible builds were presented.  Eventually, it became time for Paul to venture out and start his own company.  He did so in 2010 when he opened Paul Jr. Designs. 

Paul quickly got started building new bikes and in 2011 he took part in a Build-Off between the well known Jesse James and his father, Paul Sr. from Orange County Choppers.  Three incredible motorcycles were built and during a live show in Las Vegas, Paul Jr. was announced as the winner!  This big win just one more affirmation that Paul was on the right track.  Below you can see the winning moment, but why not come and see the bike live.  That is right.. the second bike that will be at the show is this spectacular build-off winning machine!  




Thanks to the sponsorship of the Haymond Law Firm, you’ll get to see both the 2011 Build-Off Bike and the Black Widow Bike in a special in-show exhibit, so be sure to grab a camera, come down to the show!

Meet the Master Motorcycle Builder himself, Paul Jr. and check out his world famous motorcycles.



Find out more about Paul Teutul Jr. by visiting Paul Jr. Designs

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