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Breaklite Motorsports

Breaklite Motorsports

Breaklite Motorsports builds some of the hottest sportsbikes around. 

Breaklite was named one of the countries top pro builders by 2 Wheel Tuner Magazine. This is a accomplishment that very few shops have gotten. They are one of the industries leaders in electronic integration, turning everyday sportbikes into the 'wildest customs' you've ever seen! 


Breaklite Yamaha R6 "Street Angel"

It’s hard to belive Breaklite Motorsports began in 2001 detailing sport bikes with vinyl decals.  Wow have they grown!

It’s all about the customers and these guys developed a huge following of them.  Their clients wanted more and the guys at Breaklite jumped at the opportunity.  In 2003 they opened their first retail shop, but quickly outgrew it.  Today they have a full service shop in Peabody, Massachusetts.




Break Lite Gladiator

Breaklite’s bikes have been featured at some of the nations largest events, such as Sema Show (Las Vegas), Bikes and Beats / Boz bros show (Indianapolis), Daytona bike week and more.

Break Lite Motorsports hotwheel bike

If you own a sports bike and want to transform it into a showstopper, all you have to do is head over to Breaklite Motorsports.

They can do it all.  Serices include:

Chrome Plating

    Bright Chrome

    Black Chrome

    Gold Plating - 18 & 24 carat gold!  If you have the cash, they can really make your ride stand out way in front of the pack!

Powder Coating


Breaklite RepairsCollision Repairs and Refinishing

The guys at Breaklite Motorsports hate to hear about crashes, but they do hapen and fixing them is a part of the job.  Here you can see how they took a bike that was in an accident and restored it to better than original condition.


Custom paint jobs

In addition to traditional paint work, Breaklite Motorsports also does Hydrographics, also known as immersion printing or, water transfer imaging.  This is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional objects and as you can see, they have the technique down!

Breaklite paint job

Breaklite Hydrographics

Breaklite led kit


L.E.D. Kits and Fat Tire Kits

If you love customizing, the guys at Breaklite Motorsports will take care of you.  They have a huge selection of options to take your bike from ordinary to extrodinary.  Eye catching L.E.D. kits or how about adding a 360 tire kit?  If you are looking to stand out from the masses, Breaklite Motorsports have the knowledge and skill to make it hapen.  That is why we picked Breaklite Motorsports to be our Featured Bike Builder.



Break Lite Turbo Busa

Break Lite's bikes have been featured in national magazines.

  • December 2009-2 Wheel Tuner magazine, featured as one of the countries 4 top pro builders.
  • Super Street bike magazine, 'HOTWHEELS' bike feature.
  • November 2009-2 Wheel Tuner magazine, 'SNOWMAN BUSA' split cover / feature.
  • July 2009-Bling Rockets magazine, 'HOTWHEELS' bike feature
  • May 2009-2 Wheel Tuner magazine, 'HOTWHEELS' bike feature
  • May 2008-2 Wheel Tuner magazine, 'PATRIOTS' bike cover feature
  • 2 Wheel Tuner magazine, 'RED SOX' bike feature
  • July 2007-Super Street bike magazine ;CAPTAIN AMERICA bike feature
  • Super Street bike magazine ' ICE MAIDEN' bike feature


If you would like to find out more about Breaklite Motorsports,
be sure to visit their sites on the web:






Breaklite Motorsports


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