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White Knuckle Customs


Best of the BestWhite Knuckle Kustoms is a family business from Windham, Maine that specializes in custom metal fabrication.

Adam Zajac started the business back in 2010 and has been growing ever since.  White Knuckle Kustoms is known for everything they can do with metal.  From custom bike frames, handlebars, and exhaust to completely custom builds. 

White Knuckle Customs


White Knuckle Customs Bike


Adam has over twenty years of experience working with metal and you can see all of that dedication has paid off.  That is why we are excited to see him competing in this year’s Best of the Best Build-Off

White Knuckle Kustoms is a full service motorcycle shop that has it all, so whether you are looking for a custom fabrication job or just some parts to fix your ride, they can service you.  Be sure to check out their website for their official White Knuckle Kustoms apparel as well as the motorcycles they have available for sale.





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